After many years of playing the role of little brother to more developed Riverside, Leslieville has emerged as Toronto’s hippest place to dine, drink, shop and live, or so proclaimed a 2005 article in the New York Times that also anointed the neighbourhood as the new Queen Street West. Historically home to light industry and the Film District, it’s now more known as one of Toronto’s best brunch destinations and features some great cafes, vintage furniture, fashion and design stores. Your neighbours are likely to be young families with jogging strollers, grown-up hipsters who still want to live downtown, but who want the space of a house without having to live in the suburbs or north Toronto.

While a lot of the modest row, semi-detached and detached brick and frame homes remain part of this originally working-class neighbourhood, many homes are being upgraded and renovated into luxury property. Equally common is the conversion of old industrial warehouses along Carlaw Avenue into loft condominiums, and the redevelopment of a number of former commercial and industrial sites into modern mid-rise condominiums. Creating the ideal urban setting, Leslieville attracts many first and second time buyers.



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