About Me

PortraitDay0505_5890As a realtor and an Urbaneer with one of the top brokerages in Toronto, I understand today’s city dweller. The Toronto real estate market is not easy to navigate so whether you’re a buyer or seller, working with a knowledgeable agent is key. One of my top priorities is to educate and provide the guidance and support needed to navigate the selling or buying experience, so that when the time comes for that big decision, there is no second guessing – you’ll know it is the right move just as much as I do.

The city always fascinated me – its culture, architecture, social interaction and the different lifestyles it offers. It’s one of the reasons I became a Toronto realtor. Above it all, I truly think that urban living, especially in downtown Toronto, is the most sustainable environmentally, socially and economically. Having lived in Toronto for over 20 years, I resided in many of our vibrant neighbourhoods, from Bloor West to The Beach, until I decided to give downtown living a try.  I found my place in the city and haven’t left since.

At the heart of every city there are neighbourhoods that define it, and I know that it’s when you find that one interesting, special, fun or inspiring thing about a neighbourhood you live in, only then you can truly call it your own. My blog will give you the insight to everyday downtown living. I’m all for paying it forward, so whether it’s a fantastic cup of coffee that made my morning, a new brunch spot, or the always reliable cleaning service, I’ll write about it. Just bought your 1 bedroom condo but don’t know how to furnish it? I’ll write about best furniture solutions around. Are you following the Toronto real estate market? Read Market Insight for a weekly summary of the Toronto market as well as the top headlines.

Whether you’re new to the city, looking for a fun read about my favourite city spots, my adventures in real estate, or thinking of purchasing your first home and want to learn about the market, you’ll find it here.

Here is a sample of some of the topics :

Feel free to contact me if you want to share your opinion on the blog, have a question, or if you’re considering buying, selling or renting in the city. I’m just an email away.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wish I found you 3 years ago when we moved to Toronto – Found you by accident, so glad I did – Love all things Real Estate! Great ideas from the pages within. Cheers SorrentoMoon

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