Dark and Dramatic Room Inspirations


Are you afraid of the dark? When it comes to wall colour, you shouldn’t be. Dark colours are coming back as people are becoming braver and more confident about choosing their interior colours. Ok, I know using black, brown or red shades takes guts. There is also the decorating myth that dark wall colours don’t work well in small rooms, but as white walls often expand a space, dark hues can bring a lot of warmth, richness and elegance.

The trend of dark wall colours is being noticed in the world of design. In fact, Benjamin Moore design team chose a rather unexpected but on point colour for 2017 – Shadow 2117-30. This moody purple hue with brown and grey undertones helps to set the mood in a room. Great for dramatic entrances, romantic bedrooms and rich dining rooms.

Although I’m sure by now we’re all addicted to Simply White (Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2016) I have to say I’m loving this shift into the darker palette. Take a look at what inspired this colour choice.

I’ve been contemplating dark, dramatic paint colours for my walls since I got hooked on the show Gotham. The Batman-inspired series offers lots of rich visual textures that translate well to interior design options for urban spaces. Of course, there is the old, traditional mansion vibe to be expected from the Wayne Manor, but there are also touches of Hollywood glamor, Art Deco inspired rooms, and lots of rich colour palettes used for the show locations and spaces.

It’s not just about walls though. Dark, dramatic rooms can be created with furniture, cabinetry painted in moody shades, as well as wallpaper and tile. So where to go for inspiration? Why, Pinterest of course! Here are some of my favourite images and ideas. Happy decorating!

Top photo: We Are Scout

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