Fun and Easy Oscar Party Ideas


fullsizeoutput_68bThis Sunday are the 89th Academy Awards. Will you be watching? I’m a proud movie junkie and a celebrity gossip enthusiast, so yes, hells yes, I’ll be watching. From the Red Carpet parade to the last acceptance speech, it’s a long evening. So it’s important to have the right snacks and libations to keep a viewing party going, weather it’s a party for one, two or a crowd.

Do you have the perfect viewing plan? Even if you forgo a fancy-schmancy party to watch the Red Carpet Special in your pajamas, you can still make it fun and add a little sparkle of your own to the evening. I spent a bit of time scrolling through Pinterest and a few of my go-to blogs for fun Oscar party ideas and thought I’d share them with you in case you need a little inspiration.


Let’s start with the bevies. Nothing says Party like the pop, fizz, clink of champagne or sparkling wine. How fun are these mini-size bottles? Give them out as party favours if you’re entertaining a group, or pick one up if you’re the only one drinking. No point in buying a large bottle if you won’t finish it…although, who doesn’t finish champagne?!


What about a signature drink? Champagne and wine are fine, but how about a cocktail? Make your Oscar party memorable and serve a perfect Gin and Tonic, or get creative and try this Aperol Spritz

A simple steak frites is always a favourite dish in my house when it calls for something a bit more celebratory. Try this rosemary garlic butter steak recipe. Slice the steak into thin pieces and serve with crispy fries wrapped in prosciutto.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend preparing, a generous cheese and charcuterie board is always a winner. A great place to visit for supplies in Toronto is St. Lawrence Market, The Cheese Boutique or Starsky if you’re working with a budget.


Photo via Style Me Pretty

Here are a few more bite-size ideas that are easy and fun! These are especially fun if you’re hosting for a larger group of friends and family. And if the kids are joining in on the fun, they’ll love these too.

Finally, before you reach the Best Picture award, there must be dessert. This year I am making these gold glazed doughnuts. They look great, don’t they? So easy to make. All you need is a dozen of your favourite glazed, coffee shop doughnuts (in my case that’s Krispy Kreme…sorry, Tim Horton’s) and edible glitter available in local craft stores. Sprinkle the gold dust and heat up the doughnuts for just 10 second so that the glitter melts into the glaze. Yum! You can also do this with caramel flavoured pop corn.

If you want to add a bit of Hollywood glam to the dessert table, there’s nothing like a sweet and flaky macaron. Head over to Nadège Patisserie in Queen West or Butter Avenue in Queen West or Uptown for some of the best in the city.


Photo via Glitter Guide

But what would an Oscar party be without some healthy competition? It’s always fun to try to predict who the winners are going to be. Here is a fun Oscar ballot that you can print thanks to Sugar and Charm and hand out to your friends when they arrive. At the end of the evening you can compare your picks. Make sure you have a fun prize for the winner. Champagne is always a good idea! Have fun and happy Oscars!


Photo via Sugar and Charm


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