Clear and Simple: Create Visual Lightness with Acrylic Furniture

Ghost ChairsI’ve been obsessed with Lucite furniture lately. I find that acrylic pieces are so versatile, can accommodate any design style and are perfect when you want a sense of visual lightness in your space. After all, who doesn’t want their place to look bigger than it really is?

Some pieces can get pretty pricey, but if you’re working on a budget or like to change up the look often, there are pieces out there that are a bit more budget friendly. Although, there is a difference between the quality of the high-end stuff and the lower-priced items. Expensive acrylic can be thick, luxurious and seamless. The cheap acrylic has a noticeably more plastic look and feel. That’s not to say that you can’t incorporate these pieces in your interior. You can still get the light look of acrylic, just pick the right pieces.

Lucite is a brand name for the type of acrylic resin developed in early 1930s. It was used not only for furniture pieces but also jewellery and even handbags. This clear material is often associated with glamour in the Hollywood and Disco era, and even after 80 years since it was created, it’s still being used in interiors adding a touch of glamour to a space. Thanks to manufacturers like Kartell, Lucite has made a comeback when Philippe Starck introduced his Louis Ghost Chair (top image).

Today you can find all kinds of acrylic furniture pieces and anything from desk accessories to lighting, hardware and even furniture for your pet. If you’d like to incorporate acrylic in your space, here are a few ideas to help you.

Try replacing heavy or outdated hardware on your doors or cabinetry.

Organization accessories for your desk or dresser is an easy and inexpensive way to add acrylic pieces into your home decor.

You can even find acrylic used in lighting.

Images via Pinterest



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