Crushing On: A Pool House Fit for a Prince

Modern Poolhouse1If Fresh Prince of BelAir lived in Uncle Phil’s pool house in 2014, what would the pool house look like? I think that it just might look like this one in Toronto’s North York designed by +tongtong. What once was an outdated stone-clad structure, has been renovated into a 1000 square foot, modern, multifunctional, multipurpose space that can also be used as an entertainment space, work studio and guest house. The exterior has been relined with cedar slats giving warmth and natural lightness to the façade, while the interior has a simple, low key, mid-century modern feel.

Modern Poolhouse2Features such as a hidden Murphy bed, remote controlled privacy screen for the bathroom, and large sliding glass doors make it easy to turn this space into whatever it needs to be at a moments notice, while maintaining fluidity between indoors and outdoors.

The two fireplaces, one inside and one outside, make it a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors long into the summer nights.The patio has been extended slightly over the oval pool changing its appearance without changing its shape, which ties cleanly back into the structure as the patio mimics the extension of the roof.

So what do you think? Cottage season has begun, but with a pool house like that, why spend two hours in the 400 North traffic?

Modern Poolhouse4

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