IKEA Hacks: Create Your Own Masterpiece

Ikea Gold ShelfWhen it comes to odd fix-up jobs around the house, usually I’m the one that gets it done. Partly due to my controlling nature and the belief that I can do it better, but mostly because I actually like doing it. I even like assembling furniture, like say an Ikea bookcase, or closet organizer – I’m weird that way. Last week, I put my handygirl skills to work when I converted the typical bi-fold door of my laundry closet into a french-style door. It still needs a coat of paint, so no pictures just yet, but it already looks so much better than the old, boring door and allows for more storage. This got me thinking about what else can be transformed from boring to original with a bit of creativity and paint.

As I’m sure a lot of you, I have a love hate relationship with IKEA. I can’t stand that I can walk into a home and point out IKEA pieces, but I love the concept of style being readily available on a budget. Everyone wants their home design to look original but not many have the big budget for it. All it takes is some creativity and a bit of time to turn your inexpensive pieces into furniture that feels less mass produced. If you’re looking for inspiration, these Ikea hacks will definitely give you some ideas for your own masterpieces.

We all know the EXPEDIT series. The simple design of this collection goes with almost anything and it is easy to personalize.

The RAST dresser ($39) and HEMNES dresser ($149) are great if you’re decorating on a budget. With a coat of paint and new hardware it’s hard to believe that this is an IKEA dresser.

Want to make your furniture look like you scoured the city to find the perfect piece? Paint it gold or if you’re not that bold, paint it a bright colour. The VITTSJO shelf was originally black, and the bronze finish on the LACK shelves is actually contact paper. What do you think of the bar cart? I love it.

The MALM series is another examples of IKEA’s simple yet versatile design. This MALM occasional table was $99, but with a bit of wallpaper and a slab of glass, you’d never tell.

What if you have a Crate & Barrel taste but your budget is more IKEA? My favourite sofa is the Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel but it’s $2,225….so, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The KARLSTAD sofa from IKEA is $499 and for a few extra bucks you can have a mid-century sofa of your own. Ditch the ugly block legs to more tapered ones. Your local upholsterer can tuft the cushions for a small charge.

IKEA has been the go-to place for solving storage problems, with fraction of the price of custom work. Built-ins can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re decorating on a budget but want the custom look, new paint, new hardware and a bit of trim is often the answer.

Do you have an IKEA hack of your own? Tell us about it.

Image Source: Pinterest

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