Crushing On: The Linear House in East York

LinearThis two-storey brick and stucco home is known as the Linear House due to the linear design. The clean lines create harmony, flow and balance in this dynamic space. The East York home was designed by Toronto architecture firm, Nano Design Build Inc., and the modern design was partly inspired by the challenge of a narrow lot, merely twenty feet in width. The firm met this challenge by creating a spacious open floor plan with the flow of natural daylight.

The focal point of this home is the front cube corner with two elongated, rectangular windows towering up vertically and horizontally. The row of lights at the side of the house lead to the sheltered main entrance. As you enter, you face a glass tower containing a floorless, double-storey well of light from the skylight above it, and directly behind this, the single-stringer stairs seem to hang suspended and float in open space.

The split-floor design creates a harmony between spaces without the use of light-restricting walls, allowing for the flow of light throughout. On the main floor, the sixteen feet wide family room and the fourteen feet wide living room area feel spacious and bright thanks to the eleven-foot ceiling and split-floor design.

The second floor bedroom features large window openings that adjoin the room with a double-story floorless light well. Balance between natural light and open living space can be seen throughout the entire home, expressed in a continuous, clean linear geometry. 

At the back area of the house, there is an  expansion window beside the back deck, which stretches from the main floor into the basement level. You can’t help but feel washed in daylight. This house is all about the use of light in creating the illusion of space.

Linear back

Photo Source: Modern Toronto

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