Naughty or Nice – Chapters Indigo Has Your Holiday Gift List Covered

Chapters‘Tis the season, so the closer we get to Christmas our social calendars get filled with office parties and holiday dinners with friends and family. This of course goes hand in hand with gift giving. Whether it’s a gift exchange at work, Secret Santa with friends, stocking stuffers for Christmas morning, unless you subscribe to the Sheldon Cooper school of thought on presents, you need to be armed with an arsenal of holiday cheer-worthy gifs.  If you’re not one with a knack for planning ahead and doing your shopping in November, I’m pretty sure that you’re hitting Panic Mode right about now.

I enjoy shopping for gifts but sometimes gift giving can turn into an obligation, especially when your budget is stretched, and the options are slim, unless you’re looking for yet another bottle of wine or the ever-exciting-to-unwrap gift card. So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I walked into the local Chapters Indigo (or is it now just Indigo?) for a bit of “wondering around aimlessly” time. Chapters has stepped things up in the past few years, selling more than just books and magazines. Having to compete with other retailers and of course, where you can find everything and anything, the Canadian retailer has been selling home accessories, gifts for kids and even workout gear.

IMG_1643This year, Chapters holiday collection is really worth considering if you’re struggling with your Christmas list, or just looking to pick up a few pieces and add a bit of holiday cheer to your home decor. While I wondered around, I took note of potential gifts for co-workers, friends, family, and even things I’d like to put on my wish list. Take a look, and if you don’t want to fight through the crowds, you can also order online.

Whether you need a hostess gift or just looking to add some holiday sparkle to your parties, these tabletop and entertaining pieces are perfect for the season and at a great price, too.

Want to tell your boss to chill out without getting fired? How about these to help drop a hint. Plenty of sleep is always a good remedy for stress, so is tea, cooking and gardening.

Who doesn’t love a good print. Saw quite a few I’d like to pick up for myself, from holiday themes, travel and things that will just make me smile everyday like the “Hello Sunshine” print.

Of course we can’t forget the stocking stuffers. Here are some fun things to pick up. Winter accessories like hats and gloves are always welcome in the cold weather, and what girl doesn’t enjoy jewellery? Ok, it’s not the “blue box” kind, but I won’t say no to a bangle or two in my stocking. Same goes for these fun make up bags that can also double as clutches when you’re out and about. Also, I love a fun office accessory, whether it’s a notebook for random doodles or a box of fun push pins or bulldog clips like these from Kate Spade. And if you’re really out of ideas for a gift, you can’t go wrong with a great quality candle. Wait, am I writing my own Christmas wish list?…I might just be.

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