How Secure is Your Home?

jump-streetAlthough Toronto is generally a safe city, there have been a number of home break-ins reported in the news lately. There are many great options when it comes to protecting your home. Throughout the past few years technology has become more refined, allowing for many more options in home security. But weather you’re a tech wiz or not, keeping a home safe from unwanted guests is every home owner’s concern, and there are many options out there.

RogersRogers Smart Home Monitoring – Recently Rogers has created a security system that helps you stay connected to your home. Smoke, carbon monoxide and water leak sensors are installed, protecting you day and night. For your security, there is no phone line to cut as the system communicates via the Rogers cellphone network. You can stay connected via your computer, smartphone or tablet and you can choose what you want to be alerted for. Many parts of your house can be controlled automatically and remotely, from your heating and air conditioning, to lighting, appliances, and more. No need for little plug-in timers around the house.

DropcamDropcam – New to Canada is this wi-fi operated camera. This video monitoring service with free live streaming, two-way talk and remote viewing makes it easy to stay connected with places, people and pets, no matter where you are. All you have to do is install the camera in your home and connect it to your internet network. Monitoring remotely is easy through a smartphone app or by logging in online, so you know what’s going on at home whether you’re at the office or on vacation. You will receive alerts whenever motion is detected. Thanks to the two-way talk capability, you’re able to communicate with whoever is in your house, whether it’s your contractor, cleaning service, or an uninvited guest.

KevoWeiser Kevo Pin Pad Lock – This hands-free lock eliminates the need for traditional keys, which is a great idea when you’re bringing in the groceries or if you’re prone to losing your keys. There are two options for using this lock system. The high-tech option allows you to use a smartphone app to enter your home, track who entered the home and when, and also allow temporary access to others like a neighbour or your dog walker. The Kevo lock system also includes a key Fob, which is the other option. Keep your Fob in your pocket, purse or backpack and enjoy the same Touch to Open convenience. The Kevo Fob is pre-enrolled so no additional setup is required. No more fumbling for your keys… just touch the lock to open for the ultimate in convenience.

InsteonInsteon Home Remote Control System Starter Kit – Home owners often install timers on home electronics and lights to make it appear that they’re at home, even when they’re not. This is a great idea but the house can fall into a pattern that intruders can pick up on. The Insteon System allows for more flexibility to set random times. This kit includes everything you’ll need to schedule, control, and automate lighting across your entire home in addition to controlling heating and cooling. After replacing your old switches, dimmers, outlets and thermostat simply load the included HouseLinc software onto your computer and begin creating. The SmartLinc web interface allows controlling your lighting and thermostat from any web-enabled mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.

Beware of DogLow-Tech, Budget-Friendly Options – You don’t have to be a tech-wiz or spend a lot of money to keep your home protected against intruders. Those tried-and-true home security solutions still do the job and are also budget-friendly. Things such as motion sensor lights can be purchased in any Canadian Tire or Home Depot, and will automatically go off if someone is lurking around the house. Also, dogs make great security guards. My boarder collie is friendly and playful, but he has a mean bark when a stranger comes to the door. A dog can make your home less approachable. You don’t want a pooch? That’s OK. Post “beware of dog” signs around your property anyway. The signs are cheap and will make people think twice.

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