416 Weekend: Things to do in Toronto (Oct.18 – Oct.20)

ChocolateDid you know Toronto ranked #2 on the 100 Most Reputable Cities list? We even beat out Vancouver – Ha! Although we often tend to focus on the negative, there are so many great things about this city. Ok, so the Gardiner is crumbling, the waterfront is not the most spectacular, and the subway system is a bit of a joke compared to NYC or London. But when all else fails, and if this weekly post has proven anything, there are always good people, good food and a good party to be found in Toronto. This weekend is no different and to prove it, here’s my TOP5.

Toronto Chocolate Festival – Craving something sweet? Toronto Chocolate Festival is where you get your sugar binge on. Featuring chocolate in all its delicious forms, this festival highlights chocolate tastings across the city, a trade show at Roy Thompson Hall, chocolate making exhibitions, chocolate eating contests, and for something a bit more sophisticated – a series of chocolate high teas at the King Edward Hotel. The festival runs until November 3rd. Check the website for schedule and ticket information.

AquariumRipley’s Aquarium – After months of delay the Ripley’s Aquarium has finally opened its doors. If you enjoy close encounters with giant sea creatures with weird faces, this is the place to be!…but also, it’s a great place to take the kids to introduce them to marine life and issues it’s facing. This kid friendly venue offers lots of interactive displays, playground-like area, and of course, thousands and thousands of fish.

Cask Days at Brick Works – Over 230 casks from 124 breweries will be showcased at Cask Days at Evergreen Brick Works this weekend. This is like the Academy Awards for beer lovers’ except, well… no awards, no speeches, and probably no one in Dior.  Just a coming together of all the A-lister breweries pouring nothing but award-worthy brews.

redrumToronto After Dark Film Festival – With horror and blood-curdling films this 9-night festival taking place at the Scotiabank Theatre draws thousands of thrill seekers to celebrate the adrenaline rush of fear. The critically acclaimed celebration of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and short films from around the world includes new independent pieces from across North America, Europe and Asia. Different themed nights will take place during the festival, including “bug night” with Big Ass Spider and Eega, “gross-out night” with Sepetic Man and Motivational Growth, and “zombie night” with Stalled and The Battery. On zombie night, costumed zombies receive a discount on tickets. Fun way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon – This Sunday the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon returns with a marathon, half-marathon and a 5K run. Participants from all over the world meet in Toronto for this annual event and all are welcome, from power walkers to slow runners. The event starts on University Avenue (north of Adelaide Street) and finishes at City Hall. Even if running a marathon is not your thing, come out to support the participant and take part in the festivities.

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