Crushing On: Sense and Sensibility in Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown Livingroom

Owning a Victorian home in Toronto’s Cabbagetown means owning a piece of Toronto’s history. A neighbourhood that was once home to many immigrants fleeing the Potato Famine, is now designated a Heritage Conservation District with beautifully preserved homes and rich streetscapes. One of these heritage gems is this 1887 bay-and-gable style home.

Cabbagetown Stairs

Keeping original elements like the stairs, vestibule, crown mouldings and stained glass, this three-storey home embraces both the past and the present. The updated, contemporary interior is the perfect backdrop to the family heirlooms, art collection, and souvenirs collected on trips, giving the home personality.

Cabbagetown Livingroom2The hardwood used throughout the home is African acacia, known for its durability and scratch-resistance. Except for the nursery, all the walls were painted the same custom shade of grey giving the illusion of space, and help to create flow thoughout the open-concept plan.

Cabbagetown KitchenThe third-floor master bedroom was created by raising two peaked roofs of the original design, creating one flat roof. This allowed the owners to maintain the same footprint and make use of the area that was previously attic space. Doing that they also gained an additional bathroom, walk-in closet and fourth bedroom/office space. The owners increased the floor area from the original 2,002 square feet to 2,250 square feet, which can be challenging in a Heritage District. Take a look at a few more photos of this welcoming home.

PHOTOS: Tim Fraser

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