Toronto Summer: Best Spots For Ice Cream Treats

Toronto Ice CreamDriving around the city all day in this heat is not fun. As I drove across King Street East this afternoon with the A/C on level 3, I had a sudden craving for pistachio gelato. So after my meeting with a client I headed over to Ed’s Real Scoop in Leslieville. As I sat on a nearby bench enjoying my afternoon treat, I realized that as hot and humid today has been, summer is on it’s way out and I should enjoy it before the rain and cold wind rolls around in a month or two. And what better way is there to enjoy a break on a hot afternoon than with a scoop or two of delicious ice cream or frozen yogurt. Here are a few of my favourite spots in Toronto serving up this tasty treat.

Ed's Real ScoopEd’s Real Scoop – Ed’s has been the go-to place for ice cream in the Beach for 10 years, and now has a second location in Leslieville. Inspired by his mom’s homemade candy, Ed’s products are simple, honest and delicious.

Dutch DreamsDutch Dreams – This family owned business for 30 years keeps winning awards for their tasty treats. It would probably take you the entire summer to taste test all the flavours that this place offers. Dutch Dreams is a kitschy ice cream shop just north of St. Clair that’s hard to miss.

Greg's Ice CreamGreg’s Ice Cream – Greg’s is known to do wonderful things with unusual flavours such as Grape Nut and Stout while still mastering the classics. Greg’s now has two locations – the original shop in The Annex and second location in the Distillery District.

GurtsGurts – This is Roncy’s answer to self serve froyo. Flavours switch up regularly, but alongside the requisite chocolate, you’ll also sometimes find flavours like banana and maple nut. It also offers delicious baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies and more if you crave something on the side.

Tom's Dairy FreezeTom’s Dairy Freeze – This “ice cream hut” has been around for more than 40 years, serving the same classic soft serve that’s won over lifelong customers. If you live in South Etobicoke or often drive on The Queesway you can spot it by the long line up of faithful fans. The chocolate and vanilla soft serves are Tom’s claims to fame. Real cream and natural ingredients, according to Tom’s, make all the difference.

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