City Living: Smart Furniture for Your Small Space

Small SpacesSince many of my clients are condo buyers, the question that often comes up is the question of furniture. As some of you may know, living in the city comes with a price, and often that price is space. Although 700 square feet may seem like a ridiculously small amount of space to live in, that is the reality for many condo owners living in Toronto. It may seem impossible to live comfortably in that amount of space, but it’s all about the layout and planning. If you put a little thought into it, 700 sq.ft. or even 500 sq.ft. can be all you ever wanted in a home. Ok, so I’ve gone too far, but my point is, you can make it work.

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for dual-purpose furniture and found a few pieces that are a great solution for small spaces. Whether you like to entertain, need an extra sleep area for guest, or suddenly need baby furniture, there are many great designs for small spaces out there. So as my earlier post City Living: Furniture for Small Spaces has become one of my more popular posts, I thought I’d add to it and share some of these awesome, double-duty furniture pieces.

EQ3 Bed

Storage is always an issue in condos. The Dune bed allows for storage under the mattress, great for tucking away bedding, towels and even off-season clothing. At EQ3, from $1,149.

BoConcept adjustable coffee table

This table from BoConcept is perfect for those that like to entertain. The hydraulic lift mechanism turns the coffee table into a dining table. The walnut veneer top pivots to unfold an extra leaf and transforms your living room into a dining room. At BoConcept, $1,895.

Crate & Barrel Chair-and-a-Half

This cozy Chair-and-a-Half looks great in a den where you can curl up and catch up on your reading, but it is also a sleeper sofa, perfect for an impromptu guest bed. At Crate & Barrel, $1,699.

 Alma Mini Crib by Bloom Baby

This crib is great family living in small spaces because it can be folded and tucked away when company comes over. This Alma Mini folding crib is by Bloom Baby.

Vitra Uten.Silo II

In a small space vertical storage works best, and when drawers and shelves just won’t fit it all, this Vitra Uten Silo II has plenty hooks, clips and pockets to keep it all in order. At Quasi Modo and Design Within Reach, $395.

The Song by Arper

This set of 16 hanging hooks shaped like whimsical music notes turns and holds any number of objects from shopping bags, dog leashes and extra coats, and it’s perfect for a pint-size foyer. At Livingspace, $940.

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