Crush of the Week: Vertical Kitchen

Vertical Kitchen designed by Massimo Facchinetti

Vertical Kitchen designed by Massimo Facchinetti

You don’t necessarily have to live in a palace to live like a queen or a king. With what seems to be a never ending amount of condo towers sprouting all over the city, if you choose to, you can live close to work, entertainment, your favourite restaurants, and city life. But there are always compromises, and space is a major one. Big design ideas often begin as cultural trends before trickling down to how we live at home and often living inside a box forces you to think outside of it.

Designed by Massimo Facchinetti, this expandable kitchen module is outfitted with all the bells and whistles of a regular cookery. It covers the basics like a fridge, oven, induction cooktop, sink, dishwasher and even an espresso maker. If that’s not enough, it also offers a multi-stage water filtration, side-mounted herb garden with UV light, dining surfaces seating up to six, extra storage and a solar panel to cut costs. And like all great space-saving designs, the kitchen expands and transforms. The vertical kitchen is expected to hit the market next year. No word on the price just yet.


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