Moving Day Drama

We all have the Moving Day story that can top the last one we’ve heard. I’ve had one too many bad experiences myself, so when my husband and I were moving to our new condo, we decided to do the work ourselves, with the help of a few friends. Here is one thing I can tell you about that day – unless you’re moving from your parents house with nothing to your name except a bed, a dresser and maybe a couch from their basement, DON’T DO IT?

So what’s the trick to finding reputable movers? Do your research well in advance. The Canadian Association of Movers, the Better Business Bureau and major national van lines are all good sources. Also check out the Consumer Beware page through the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services for movers to avoid. Below are some tips to keep in mind when planning for the big day.

  • Pick three – choose and research at least three companies before settling on the right one.
  • Match them to the job – remember a large family move and a one bedroom condo move are completely different. Remember to verify the company’s capabilities or you may end up paying more then you thought or learn that your mover can’t do the job and has handed it off to someone else.
  • Get an on-site estimate – don’t accept an estimate by phone, fax or email from a mover who has not assessed the space in person.
  • Get it in writing – get the estimate in writing including the dates of the move, specifics on what will be moved and who will be doing the packing.
  • Book well in advance – ensure that the mover has enough time to meet your expectations.
  • Schedule with care – avoid moving the same day as the property closing or popular moving dates as first or last days of the month. If you’re moving into a condominium, keep in mind moving day rules and elevator booking fees.
  • Be realistic – remember that damage and loss can happen, although good movers will do their best to prevent or minimize it. Ask questions about policies on loss or damage and discuss concerns about particular items with them.

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